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3,500 ,000 đ

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3,500,000 đ

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3,500 ,000 đ

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So much power, it's scary

Originally developed by Universal Audio and now distributed by Mackie, the UAD-1 DSP card gives you all the plug-ins you need, PLUS the power to run them at maximum strength on your PC! When you buy the UAD-1 card, you're buying a collection of some of the most powerful processing plug-ins you've ever worked with. The UAD-1 card features a floating point processor, which means there's no drain on your CPU. It gives you plenty of power to run the plug-ins to their fullest! Tons of ultra-fast memory (4 Megabytes of 1200 Megabytes/second) means smoother reverbs and delay lines, and excess bandwidth to manage the DMA controller without hitting the host processor. UAD-1 Card Features:

  • Bus mastering DMA for zero host load and maximum transfer rate
  • Fully PCI 2.1 Compliant, supports 66MHz and fast bus timing
  • 7" form factor (PCI short card)
  • Single Unpartitioned Super-computer DSP Chip
  • More DSP Headroom-per-Plug-In than other Multi-Chip DSP Cards
  • Supported Sampling Rates from 32 kHz - 192 kHz

The plug-ins? A comprehensive, four star menu that any artist creating music on computer would drool over! Included Plug-ins

  • RealVerb Pro: The world's most coveted reverb plug-in (developed by Kind of Loud)
  • 1176LN: An analog classic limiting amplifier!
  • LA-2A: Vintage compression, rich in heritage!
  • CS-1 Channel Strip: Made up of plug-ins developed specifically for the UAD-1, including EQ, compression, delay modulation, and reflection engine modules.
  • Nigel: Delivers a complete pallet of guitar tones along with most every effect a guitar player might need.
  • Pultec Program EQ: The Pultec EQ has long been a choice of recording and mastering engineers for its ability to bring out individual frequency ranges without significantly altering other frequencies.

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