FireWire Plug-in Processor with Floating-point Power PC, 8 Motorola DSPs, 14 Included Plug-ins, and $500 Software Voucher

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Incredible Hardware-powered Plug-ins that Take a Load off of Your CPU!

The T.C. Electronic PowerCore X8 provides a massive amount of power, with eight fast DSPs, FireWire speed and reliability, and tons of RAM. It's ideal for high-end production environments where unsurpassed quality and processing capabilities are required. Designed for serious studios and professional applications, the PowerCore X8 is sure to deliver, and it will meet even the most demanding tasks and requirements. PowerCore X8 comes with 14 included plug-ins, among them, the renowned Dynamic EQ plug-in as well as the DeNoise plug-in from the acclaimed Restoration Suite package. PowerCore X8 is your plug-in processing solution!

Convincing vintage compression and limiting using one of the most desired vintage models for PowerCore.

Character represents a new approach to getting great sound virtually instantly. The audio processing employs both the frequency response and the dynamic properties of the input source in a highly time-varying sense.

Modulation Multi-FX that recreates the 1210 Spatial Expander with its unique modulation images like Chorus, Flanging and Slap Delay with very flexible routing and filtering facilities.

Classic Verb
Classic Verb adds warm, lush reverb effects often associated with big expensive hardware processors.

Dynamic EQ
Dynamic EQ is a new tool for any mixing or mastering situation. This virtual processor eliminates the shortcomings of static EQ by providing a dynamically applied equalization.

EQSat Custom is a very clean sounding and carefully crafted EQ-model for any application including mastering.

With its dual filters and extensive modulation capabilities, Filtroid brings the sound of analog filter banks to PowerCore.

MasterX3 - Virtual Finalizer 
Knock out Punch for any mixes or masters. Period. MasterX3 is the virtual incarnation of the TC Electronic Finalizer, the standard mastering processor in the pro audio field.

Hi-end Reverb based on years of ongoing research and the core technology of the TC Electronic M5000 hi-end studio processor.

PowerCore 01
This mono-synth will deliver results similar to the famous SH-101, with some added features like velocity and drive.

PowerCore CL
Vintage Compressor*Limiter delivers high-quality compression and limiting on each channel - up to 28 Vintage CLs can be run on one PowerCore card.

Tubifex includes three tube stages and a speaker simulator for truly convincing amp modeling. Each of the three stages is based on a classic 12AX7 design.

This complete voice processing channel includes all tools required for vocal sound adjustment: Compression, De-Essing, a dedicated Voice EQ, Lo Cut Filter and Gate.

Even complex mixes are possible with just a laptop and one PowerCore X8. The unique combination of a floating-point Power PC with 8 Motorola DSPs, ensures tight integration into the native world while at the same time maintaining all of the advantages that DSPs offer for pristine signal processing.

PowerCore's software and hardware provide the utmost in quality and a future-proof design. Extremely power demanding tools like mastering dynamics, reverbs and other professional virtual processors run on PowerCore without draining the host computer's resources.

PowerCore X8 delivers an array of powerful tools right out of the box. Among the 14 virtual processors included, you get the most complete collection of dynamics processing available, including a virtual Finalizer (Master X), Vintage Compression and a Voice Channel Strip. Not to mention the two TC-quality Reverbs, Modulation Effects, EQs, Synthesis and more. From the large bulk of optional plug-ins from TC Electronic and 3rd party developers, there are choice treasures for virtually any professional application, among others the highly acclaimed Restoration Suite and the System 6000 plug-ins for PowerCore, like the MD3 Stereo Mastering package and the VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb.

PowerCore X8 features PowerCore 3.0 software, which is the biggest update to the PowerCore software package yet, with lot of enhancements and new features based upon a great deal of input from our users.

Improvement where it matters
All plug-ins have all new liquid signal meters, for even greater overview during mixing and mastering. Master X3 and Master X5 sport new handy metering zoom features, which allow you to zoom the metering scale of the input and output meters, with the click of the mouse. Two of the included compressors, 24/7-C and PowerCore CL, feature built-in parallel compression via a new MIX knob that helps you get great results fast and avoid complicated routing schemes.

Five of the included plug-ins have new external Sidechain features by way of the new redesigned TC SideChainer: The redesigned native TC SideChainer adds high and low cut filters, and the ability to name your Sidechain busses individually. 24/7-C and PowerCore CL give you two flavors of compression: vintage style or DBX-style. With external audio sidechaining you can create pumping or ducking effects. Dynamic EQ adds an external Sidechain in addition the internal Sidechain for even greater precision during mixing and mastering. Filtroid has been expanded to be able to use more than two external sidechains. PowerCore 01 has an external audio input in the oscillator section that allows you to route external audio through the filters, envelopes and distortion section, and even mix it with the oscillators if you want.

T.C. Electronic PowerCore X8 Hardware Plug-in Processor with Plug-ins Features:

  • 14 dynamics, modulation, reverb/delay, and synth plug-ins
  • Amazing processing power
  • Sidechain features
  • PowerCore 3.0 software included
  • Floating-point Power PC with eight Motorola DSPs
  • Great mastering tools
  • For a limited time, includes $500 software voucher

The TC Electronic PowerCore X8 and your computer make an unbeatable processing team!

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