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Versatile performance and wireless convenience for studio or home
The versatile PreSonus Ceres C3.5 BT monitors deliver outstanding sound for the home or studio with the added convenience of wireless Bluetooth playback.
We've seen our share of powered studio monitors here at Crutchfield, but the PreSonus Ceres 3.5 BT are the first we've ever come across that offer the convenience of wireless Bluetooth audio. They make it a snap to enjoy music, movie and video game soundtracks streamed wirelessly from your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. But these versatile monitors don't stop there. They also give you the pro-quality sound and accuracy that PreSonus monitors are known for, plus a flexible set of connections and controls that make them easy to integrate into your studio or home system.
Flexible connection and control options
Although the Ceres 3.5s function as a pair, the amplification, connections and controls are all found on the left speaker, which provides signal and power to the right speaker through a regular speaker wire connection. One pair of balanced 1/4" TRS inputs and a pair of unbalanced RCA inputs give you flexibility for line-level input. You also get a 1/4" TRS subwoofer output for plugging in a powered sub. Handy front-panel 1/8" aux-in and headphone output jacks add to the convenience.
PreSonus knows you don't always have control over the space you're working in, but the C3.5 has you covered. Separate bass and treble controls let you create a more accurate listening environment. If your work takes you overseas, the C3.5 also has an "AC select" switch so you can adapt to voltage requirements outside the U.S.
3.5" Kevlar Woofer Cone for Mids & Bass
1" Silk Dome Tweeter for Treble
25W Class AB Amplification Per Side
For Music, Movies, Games, Production
Bluetooth for Connecting to Smartphones
Acoustic Tuning Adjustment Controls
Meets European ErP Energy Directive
RF Interference and Overload Protection
80 to 20,000 Hz Frequency Response
1/8" Stereo Headphone Output Included

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