4" Active Studio Monitor with 1" HF Driver, 30W LF/15W HF Power, XLR/TRS Inputs, OmniMount Integration, and Protection Circuitry (each) Item ID: VXT4

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Accuracy Meets Portability

If you work in multiple studios on a regular basis, Sweetwater knows you need a rock-solid, highly portable reference monitor that will hold true regardless of where you are. Ultra-accurate and uber-portable, the KRK VXT4 active studio monitor is perfect for the pro on the go. Weighing a mere 14 pounds apiece, a pair of these bantamweights are perfect companions on multicity projects - or as main monitors for a small control room. Did we mention versatility? Combined with a KRK10S subwoofer, a pair of VXT6s gives you a full-frequency monitoring system with massive dynamic range.

KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor at a Glance:

  • This monitor "translates"
  • Small - but big on features

This monitor "translates"

The essence of a good studio monitor is that your mixes "translate" beyond your studio, and the VXT4 doesn't disappoint. Lucid detail, rock-solid stereo focus, and a generous sweet spot are afforded by a fast-transient silk-dome tweeter set into sophisticated waveguide geometry. The VXT4 is fitted with a proprietary-design 4" woven-Kevlar woofer and bi-amplified with 45 watts. Solid bass response is promoted by an enclosure crafted of high-density/low-resonance ABS. This results in complex shapes and non-parallel walls inside the cabinet. The cabinet design also incorporates a baffle contour that virtually eliminates diffraction distortion. A front-firing bass port (radiused to reduce port turbulence) eliminates boundary coupling, delivering clean, articulate low-end performance, even at higher SPLs.

Small - but big on features

It may be small, but the KRK VXT4 packs impressive pro features. A limiter can be called into play to tame rough-edged source material. Integrated OmniMount support offers secure mounting options. Tamper-resistant switch covers, multiple-protection circuitry, and a ground lift round out the package. The VXT series benefits from KRK's two-plus decades of experience in designing powered studio monitors, resulting in precision studio tools trusted by audio professionals worldwide. Once you record and mix through VXT4s, you'll understand what the buzz is all about.

KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor Features:

  • Radiused enclosure edges eliminate diffraction and phase distortion
  • Tweeter waveguide geometry yields solid stereo imaging and wide sweet spot
  • Fast-transient 1" silk-dome tweeter
  • Proprietary-design 4" woven-Kevlar woofer
  • Front-firing port provides low-frequency extension without boundary coupling
  • Frequency response: 56Hz-22kHz (+/-1.5dB)
  • Peak SPL: 107dB
  • Limiter with defeat and front-panel indicator
  • Input: XLR/TRS
  • Amplification: 30W LF, 15W HF
  • Tamper-resistant switch covers
  • Multiple-protection circuitry; ground lift
  • Integrated support for optional Omnimount

Trust your monitors - equip your studio with KRK VXT4s!

Thông số kỹ thuật


Công suất
Kiểu công suất Hai bên
Kích thước màng loa Bass 4"
Kiểu màng loa Bass Hình nón
Chất liệu màng loa Bass Woven Kevlar
Kích thước màng loa Treble 1"
Kiểu màng loa treble Bán cầu
Chất liệu màng loa Trebel Lụa
Công suất loa Bass 30W
Công suất loa Treble 15W
Công suất tổng 45W
Dải tần đáp ứng 66Hz-22kHz
Ngưỡng áp lực tối đa 107 dB
Kiểu vỏ loa Ported
Đầu cắm ngõ vào 1 x XLR/TRS Combo
Chiều cao 10"(25,4 Cm)
Chiều rộng 7.34"(18,6 Cm)
Độ dày 7.48"(19 Cm)
Khối lượng 14 lbs(6,34 Kg)


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