DBX 576

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12,000 ,000 đ

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12,000,000 đ

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12,000 ,000 đ

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DBX 576

Vacuum Tube Preamp/Compressor
For more than 25 years dbx has been a leader in the audio industry with its outstanding compressors, mic preamps and signal processing technology. The ""Silver Series"" serves to strengthen that reputation. With innovative, state-of-the-art engineering, the 576 Vacuum Tube Preamp/Compressor carries the dbx heritage into the vacuum tube arena. The 576 is generously appointed with all the features one could possibly want in a preamp/compresssor combinaton. Features that include custom designed analog VU meters that monitor tube level, insert path (or gain reduction, in the case of the compressor) or output levels. The compressor side also has full sidechain functionality, including sidechain monitor, and our unique Contour function, which allows low frequency material to pass through the threshold without triggering unmusical compression effects. Also included are the dbx OverEasy« threshold characteristic, and Auto attack and release. The preamp features +48V Phantom Power, 20dB pad, phase invert, and low cut filter. Add to this impressive list of standard features extras like a three band EQ with sweepable mid and selectable mid Q (with EQ hardwire bypass) on the preamp, available insert loop, the ability to send the preamp signal directly to the compressor, and the new patent-pending PeakPlus limiting topology, and you've got a winner.

The premium 12AU7 vacuum tubes are hand selected for ideal triode gain matching, distortion, microphonics and drive characteristics. You get the best tube sound with the most versatility available today. And with the optional dbx TYPE IV Conversion System output, you can translate the essence of tube processing directly to the digital world, without leaving the box. The digital output offers the ability to communicate in either AES/EBU or S/PDIF at 16, 20, or 24 bit word lengths. In addition, TYPE IV offers the ability to select noise shape algorithms and dither types that best suit your music and your medium. The 576 has all the rear panel versatility and connectivity that make it easy to setup and patch into any system. Gold plated Neutrik« connectors for the audio ins and outs ensure solid connections and pristine sound every time. Separate 1/4"" connectors for the insert sends and returns, as well as +4/-10 operating level switching make it a snap to use

¸ Hand selected Premium 12AU7 vacuum tubes in path
¸ Mic or line/instrument inputs on the preamp. +4/-10 operation
¸ Drive control for a wide variety of great tube effects
¸ PeakPlus limiting control on both preamp and compressor
¸ 3-Band EQ with sweepable mid-frequency, wide / narrow Q and hardwire bypass on the preamp
¸ Complete sidechain, OverEasy«, Auto, and Contour functions on the compressor
¸ Optional TYPE IV Conversion System outputs
¸ Separate 1/4"" insert send and return on the preamp
¸ Custom designed analog VU meters monitor tube drive, insert level, gain reduction, or output levels

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